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This page contains documentation for the Armadillo I which was the first prototype of the Armadillo Robot series.

Armadillo weed photo.jpg
Armadillo I configured for weed photographing.

User guide

Manual drive mode using the Wii remote controller

  1. Press one or more of the four emergency stops on the mud guards. This is to ensure that Armadillo is safe while it is powered on.
  2. Connect the main battery connector to batterypack (four lead connector block)
  3. The FroboBox on board computer should power on automatically (Press the powernbutton inside the box in the Atom version)
  4. When there is light in the BlueTooth dongle, release all emergency stops and press the blue button. There sould be a audible 'clonk' sound from the grey box, and lights on the two blue RoboteQ controllers should come on.
  5. Press button 1 and 2 simultaniously on the Wii remote to enable its BT discovery mode. There sould be rapidly blinking lights in one or more of the blue LED's on the Wii remote (the number of blinking lights indicate the wiimote's battery level). The connection is successfull when LED 4 (marked with four dots '....') is blinking slowly.
  6. The Armadillo can now be operated by holding down button 'B' while gently tilting the wiimote.
  7. Be careful! its a powerful vehicle!

Technical documentation


  • Two belt traction units from Lynex Lx1000 modified for electric propulsion.
  • Custom 1:27 gearing in 3 stages from the electric motor to the belt traction wheel.
  • Vehicle frame in square 40mm tubing welded together. Flanges with threading allows for easy removal of traction modules.
  • Vehicle dimensions: width 1700mm, Length 1200mm (approx. outline)
  • Vehicle weight: ~350kg (Battery pack ~150kg, vehicle ~200kg)


Armadillo 1 design.jpg


  • Two 3.5kW HPM-5000B Brushless DC motors with Hall sensors from
  • Two VBL-1650 Brushless DC motor controllers from RoboTeQ
  • One 48V battery pack consisting of 4 x PG100-12, 12 Volt, 100AH, deep cycle valve regulated lead acid batteries from YuCell


  • Two LMS111-10100 out door spec laser range finders from SICK
  • One ADIS-16405 3-axis accelerometer/gyro/maqnetometer from Analog Devices
  • Belt speed and position is provided by internal registers in the RoboteQ controllers that count motor comutations.


The FroboBox used for Armadillo I is documented here.


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